Garland Neighborhood Awards

Each year, the City of Garland, Office of Neighborhood Vitality recognizes those who make extraordinary efforts to enhance, revitalize, or invest in their neighborhoods. The awards include, Sustainability Leader Award, Neighborhood Newsletter Award, Public Servant Award, Who’s Who in Garland Neighborhoods, and lastly Garland Neighborhood of the Year. A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the award winners!

Garland Neighborhood of the Year

Camelot Neighborhood Association

camelot collage

The Camelot Neighborhood Association is a group of people who truly care about the neighborhood where they live. This volunteer group and its supporting membership strive to maintain a neighborhood that they can all be proud to call home. With their annual summer social cancelled due to COVID, they decided to have a “drive through food-drive & ice cream social” to collect non-perishable food for Good Samaritans of Garland, a local non-profit. Camelot neighbors donated a total of 1,150 lbs of food and $242 in cash donations! This covid-friendly event has already inspired nearby neighborhoods to do the same, coming together for what we do best in Garland, lending a hand in times of need. 

Congratulations again to Camelot Neighborhood Association!!

Neighborhood Newsletter competition Winner

Orchard Hills Neighborhood Association Quarterly Newsletter

Orchard Hills Neighborhood Association Quarterly Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter is a collective effort by neighbors who contribute articles, man power and resources. Orchard Hills neighbors are deeply rooted with people who grew up there and have seen it grow and change. Because of this, several neighbors periodically submit articles sharing the history of Orchard Hills from their perspectives. This resulted in the creation of the OHNA Historical Committee which documents stories and information preserving their history. These stories are shared in the quarterly newsletters as well as their Facebook page “OHNA – Where the Roots Run Deep”. 

Their combination of human interest stories, neighborhood history and city news gives this newsletter a comprehensive and welcoming feel. 

Congratulations to Orchard Hills! 

Who's Who in Garland Neighborhoods

Forrest Oliver

Forrest Oliver - WWGNForrest and his husband Ron are the heart of their neighborhood; they are welcoming, accepting, and genuine people who tie their neighborhood together. The couple moved to Garland in 2002.

Forrest and Ron are active in their church and in the community, serving in every walk of life, leading by example. Forrest serves on Garland’s Senior Citizens Advisory Committee. Last year Forrest suggested his neighbors all decorate our block for the season. 

It was also Forrest who organized a service project this fall to rake the lawn of a disabled neighbor preventing a falls risk. When stay-at-home orders were enacted, Forrest typed a letter to his neighborhood and placed it on every door, asking neighbors to reach out if they had any needs, and recommending they join NextDoor to stay in touch. 

He regularly lets neighbors know that they can confidentially get in touch with him if they need assistance during these difficult times. Forrest is a servant-leader in his community, who is always concerned for the welfare of his neighborhood. 

You just don't meet better people. Forrest’s neighbors are always cheered by the familiar sight of him and Ron walking their adorable dog, Geoffrey. Forrest and Ron aren't just good neighbors, they are great neighbors!

Congratulations again to Forrest Oliver! 

Garland Public Servant Award Winner

Officer Matt Pesta

Public Servant Award - PestaOfficer Matt Pesta previously served as the Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) for Sector 42 (neighborhoods bound by Saturn, Kingsley, Centerville, and Miller). He is characterized as the “Gentle Giant” who helped revive the Citizen’s on Patrol group in many neighborhoods. He is active in neighborhood meetings, assisting with clean-ups and celebrating at block parties. He truly cares for the well-being of neighborhoods in his district.

He partners with neighbors to collectively protect and better Garland neighborhoods, and neighborhood leaders in his district adore him. He was recently promoted to serve as the Community Relations Officer, a testimony of the impact he has made on those in his district and in Garland. Let us congratulate again, Officer Matt Pesta, Garland Public Servant of the Year!

Sustainability Leader AWARD WINNER

Lisa Roark

lisa roark - sustainability leader award winnerLisa is the founder of Ike & Eli’s Organic Farm, LLC. She gives speeches on zero waste living and consults with beauty brands to incorporate plants into their products. 

After starting an organic butterfly garden in 2010, Lisa moved on to growing herbs and vegetables, saving money and harvesting delicious, home-grown food. That passion turned into a permaculture-based urban farm utilizing zero-waste methods. 

Lisa's personal low-waste lifestyle has allowed her family to save money and resources keeping her household clean and healthy and serving as an example of sustainable living. Through her volunteer leadership she helps others do the same, growing, eating, and living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Congratulations Lisa!